How To Choose Funeral Flowers

In choosing funeral flowers, there are no rules that have been set to follow. Since funeral flowers are one of the few means of expressing a message when words are inadequate, choosing the right flower will depend largely on how you feel.

Funeral flowers allow you to send a message to the family members and friends that were left behind. It expresses your sympathy, even without saying a word.

You can ask for a funeral flower arrangements from different sources. Usually, funeral homes are located near flower shops while some offer flowers at the funeral home itself. Aside from the funeral flowers, you can also add a sympathy card or personal tributes to the flowers like trains, artwork, musical instruments or design your own to include in the flower arrangement.

Common Flowers Used for Funerals

When you choose to bring funeral flowers to say your condolences without words, you can pick any kind of flower you like to express how you feel. However, if you're on the safer side, you can buy the most common flowers used for funerals.

Carnations are one of the traditional funeral flowers. The most appropriate carnation colors for a tribute are red carnations. These kinds of flowers last longer than other flowers, which can be the reason why many people choose carnations for funeral services that are scheduled for over one week.

Red carnations signify passion, while white carnations express truth. However, be aware that carnations costs more than other funeral flowers, so be ready to pay a high price.

Chrysanthemums are the most used funeral flowers worldwide because they signify honesty and truth. You could buy chrysanthemums in colors yellow, white, tan, pink, burgundy and various shades of green.

If your loved one who passed away loves the color blue, Iris can be a great choice for funeral flowers. Iris is an amazing, blue flower that signifies hope and faithfulness are available all throughout the year.

Lilies are also among the favorite flowers because of the varieties available. You can buy Asiatic, oriental or longiflorum lilies in colors white, yellow, pink or orange. Calla lilies, on the other hand, costs more than the traditional funeral flowers because they provide great visual from its impressive colors.

A red rose, the classic funeral flower, provides elegance to any gloomy room. Red roses are used more for funerals because they signify passion, while yellow reflects love and white stands for innocence.

Regardless of what kind of flower you choose, the only important thing is you choose from your heart and listen to what you feel. The flowers could serve as a sympathy card for most people, when words are not enough to express your condolences.