A Few Tips on the Funeral Dress Code

A funeral ceremony is definitely a somber affair often requiring a strict funeral dress code. However, having a dress code does not mean that it should be bereft of all style. The basic rule remains that the dress should be black. Nevertheless, you can add a few variations depending upon the prevalent style and the relationship with the deceased.

When I say 'prepared' it does not mean that, you should indeed shop for a funeral dress in advance of such an eventuality. Rather, than everyone should have a black dress tucked in somewhere in the wardrobe - which could be used in event of a funeral. Women should always stick to the traditional style if they want to feel 'safe' within the norms. The best is a black suit where both trousers and skirt can be used. In case it is possible, the best choice for a summer funeral dress for women would be to wear a plain black cocktail dress, which does not have a too low d├ęcolletage.

Always Be Prepared For an Eventuality

For winter funeral dress attire, it would be good to wear black sweater with black skirt or trousers and closed back shoes. Be particular about not wearing open-toe shoes at a funeral ceremony. The hat, if at all you want to wear one, would be one with a very wide brim and always black.

Men too will have to follow the basic funeral dress code. It is expected of men who are close relatives to wear black suit and white shirt with a plain black tie. For other close friends, it could be all black attire - black turtle neck sweater and black suit or black shirt, black tie and black suit. In case you want to come in black T-shirt, ask the family to see if it is okay.

Men are advised not to wear any other color suit than black. For footwear, men should wear black socks and black shoes plain and somber looking shoes. Avoid sneakers at all costs. These will look loud and disrespectful among the sea of black dresses usually found at the funerals.

A Few Things to Remember

- Do not wear any type of bright color clothing, such as red, pink, electric blue or the like

- Do not wear t-shirts without checking out with the family whether it is okay or not

- Do not wear patterned ties or any other color than black

- Always be respectful during the ceremony