How to Choose the Right Funeral Car

A loved one has passed away, and the funeral will be happening soon. As this is a time for family to be together, it is most appropriate that they travel together to the church, and from the church to the cemetery. However, it is also a matter of choosing the right funeral car to accomplish this.

Funeral Car Ideas

First of all, choosing a funeral car depends on the amount of people that want to travel together. If the amount is relatively large, then a black limousine should be used as the funeral car.

If there is only a small amount of people that wish to travel together, then an option is to drive in a black Cadillac as the funeral car. However, there is also the option of having the immediate family travel in a black limousine, and a Cadillac with other family members and friends could follow behind them.

If the family does not particularly care to hire a funeral car, then they do have the option of simply selecting their own transportation. This is a choice that small immediate families often choose.

Although there is not a particular way in which everyone arrives to the funeral, a particular way to leave the funeral is usually observed. This happens when the procession is to go to the cemetery.

The first car in the procession is usually the hearse, followed by the flower car. However, this is sometimes reversed. Next comes the main funeral car that has the deceased's immediate family in it. Following that might be another car of family or friends.

After the immediate procession cars, other funeral attendees are to follow the procession with their headlights on, to signify that they are going to the cemetery. There are several rules that other vehicles should follow during this kind of procession.

The first rule is to never try to cut in and disrupt the line of the funeral procession. If another vehicle is waiting to merge onto that part of the street, they are to wait until the procession goes past. It should also be noted that funeral processions do not necessarily have to obey traffic lights.

A funeral car should be chosen with care, as often many families end up arguing about who should travel with whom. Don't let arguments lead to tension on the day of the funeral. A funeral should allow loved ones to join together in mourning for the deceased in a time of tribute.