Understanding Different Funeral Burial Services

When a loved one just passed away, family members are burdened not only for their loss, but also about the necessary tasks in arranging funeral burial services. If you can't decide on what kind of funeral burial services to choose, you have to understand the available options given by the funeral home. For most families, a funeral burial service has been a tradition. Burying their deceased loved ones is still the most popular funeral service. One reason for the popularity of funeral burial services is that cemeteries provide the families left behind to visit and pay respects to their loved one's grave. Today, cemeteries and mausoleums cater to funeral burial services, providing the deceased with a peaceful resting place that can be revisited by future generations. While cemeteries are located outdoors, mausoleums are indoors or at an outdoor, garden area.

If you don't like the traditional funeral burial services, you could consider cremation. This alternative for funeral burial services has become popular today. These services usually include public visitations with an open casket, a memorial service and other funeral options, which could take place at any church, funeral homes or other location you prefer.

Picking between a traditional funeral burial service and a cremation service is entirely based on your family's preference, tradition, history, religion, beliefs and personality. While cremations allow you to personalize your last goodbyes, burials provide you the option to revisit your loved ones in a peaceful place.

Choose Between Traditional, Non-Traditional or Personalized Funeral Services

The traditional funeral burial services are the most common kinds of funeral services. They offer a tribute to the deceased by reuniting the friends and relatives to pay their last respects. Most traditional funeral services allow viewing and visitation at either funeral homes or churches with funeral ceremonies and procession to the cemetery. However, you can still add personalized music, memorial cards or folders, photographs and other options. In a non-traditional funeral burial service, the arrangements still allow for celebrating the life of the deceased in an informal manner. For instance, instead of visitation, you could arrange the funeral to be like a gathering or decide on a closed casket. With these kinds of services, there are no schedules to follow.

With personalized funeral services, the deceased has planned his or her funeral ahead. Meaning, all his wishes, such as songs to be played, clothes to be worn, method of embalming or burial, will be followed. However, if the funeral was not pre-planned, family members can still personalize the funeral by arranging favorite flowers or playing favorite music of the one who passed away.