Making Funeral Arrangements

Although some may think that death is a very common event, no one can know just how much a funeral could cost unless they experience making funeral arrangements themselves.

A tradition funeral arrangement costs around $5,000 or more if your add acknowledgement cards, funeral flowers, burial vaults, transportation and other extra options. Some arrangements could go as high as $15,000 without the family members knowing due to high emotions over the death of a loved one.

Most people have no idea in making funeral arrangements. For this reason, majority of people dealing with a loved one's death find it difficult to make decisions on funeral services. To prevent this from happening, many people are making funeral arrangements for themselves or their loved ones without paying in advance.

Things To Consider About Funeral Arrangements

When shopping for funerals, it is important that each service provider give you an accurate and updated price list when you visit or call them. This list should include different options for arrangements and prices of each option.

Although most people who are making funeral arrangements rely on their decision according to the family's location, reputation or tradition, this may be a costly choice since you are only limiting your options from these factors without comparing prices. For this reason, it is practical to compare prices before settling on a particular funeral arrangement.

When a funeral home offers you a catalog and pricelist, make sure it includes a general price list, a list of fees for outer burial containers and a casket price list. By examining these fees, you could estimate your total costs for the funeral arrangement.

A general pricelist should list down each item with its corresponding prices. It should include the prices for all funeral arrangement options such as funeral director service, transportation and preparation of the body, fees for the facilities and staff as well as additional flowers, personalized music and providing of obituary notices or acknowledgement cards. The general pricelist should also include fees for alternative funeral arrangements, such as immediate burial and direct cremation.

The casket, on the other hand, can be the most expensive item in a traditional arrangement, costing up to $10,000 or more depending on the style and material (plastic, wood, metal or fiberglass) of the casket. For this reason, you should first compare casket prices with other sources because you have the right to buy from any outside casket provider you like.

When you make funeral arrangements in advance, not only can you save hundreds of dollars, you can also spare your family members with additional problems when unplanned deaths in the family occur.