Saying Goodbye: A Crematories Funeral Service

A loved one has just passed away, and their final wish was to be cremated. Cremation involves reducing the body into ashes, and these ashes are then placed into an urn. Once these details have been taken care of, you must prepare for a crematories funeral service.

Kinds of Crematories Funeral Services

There is no one kind of crematories funeral service. A crematories funeral service can be performed according to the wishes of the deceased, or, if no wishes were left, according to what you, as the family of the deceased, think is best.

Many people leave wishes in their will to be cremated, and as such, many people also choose to have a private funeral service for only close family and friends. At these kinds of crematories funeral services, those who are invited gather at the crematorium, an urn is presented to the family, and some words are said about the deceased.

Another manner of funeral service that you can have in such a situation can also be paired with the scattering of the ashes. While some people's ashes remain in an urn that is placed in the home of a loved one, others want their urn buried in a cemetery, while some people want their ashes scattered at a particular place.

For example, the deceased was a person who loved to go sailing, and his or her final wish was to have his or her ashes scattered off the bow of their boat in an area of the ocean that they particularly loved. At this kind of crematories funeral service, all close loved ones should be assembled, words should be said, and then the ashes should be scattered as a conclusion to the service.

Now, although a body is cremated and placed in an urn, that does not mean that a traditional funeral services in a church cannot be had. At these kinds of funeral services, the urn is placed in the front, much like the casket would be, and a traditional service, according to the religious beliefs of the deceased, will be conducted. The urn can then be transported to its final place of rest.

As you can see, there are a variety of different crematories funeral services that you can choose from if the deceased did not leave any specific wishes. Just remember that however the funeral is conducted, it should be a moving tribute to the life of your loved one.