There's No Place Like Home - Except Cauls Funeral Home

Cauls funeral home is located in Canada, and they serve the families in Newfoundland and Labrador that are grieving over a lost loved one. A locally owned funeral home, they provide a wide variety of services. Cauls funeral home meets with clients and guides them through that tedious funeral planning process. They identify the needs that are specific to each situation, and then they make all the arrangements necessary to fulfill these needs. In addition to offering access to products and facilities that are both modern and of high quality, cauls funeral home also provides a licensed team of experienced funeral directors, morticians, and other staff. They are extremely flexible when it comes to customizing services and providing for personal requests. Ever since 1890, cauls funeral home has been the one trusted by everyone in Canada. Cauls funeral home provides a wide variety of quality services that can't be beat. They offer funeral services, cremation services, general services, and the option to personalize any of these services at the request of the person planning the funeral. Work closely with cauls funeral home, and the end result will be a very personal, classy funeral that will provide just the right amount of closure for everyone.

Traditional Is The Way To Go

The service that is most chosen at cauls funeral home is the traditional funeral service. This service can include some or all of the following elements: a casket, the transfer of the deceased to the funeral home, the embalming of the body, the dressing, cosmetology and other care of the deceased, administrative staff assistance, the use of chapel and visitation rooms, the use of facilities for the service and arrangements, the funeral service itself, the use of funeral coach and lead cars, beautifully designed register book, and prayer cards.

When it comes to the type of funeral service you wish to have, cauls funeral home provides several options in the hopes that one of them will fit the needs of the people they serve. You can have the funeral service at your own church. You could also opt to have the funeral service in the chapel located at cauls funeral home. Finally, you could have a graveside service at the site of the burial. Whatever you choose, you will be sure to have a very touching and well-performed funeral service with cauls funeral home.