Carnell's Funeral Home: The Complete Funeral Service Stop

Carnell's funeral home is dedicated to the provision of care, compassion as well as courteous service to clients since 1804, and has grown to incorporate latest technology with its online funeral planning services. Carnell's funeral home is one of the oldest as well as biggest funeral homes in Canada and, has dedicated itself to giving leadership to others in the funeral industry, since its inception in 1804. The hallmark of its services is the compassion as well as understanding that it shows to its clients. It all began with Gilbert Carnell who was a wheelwright and carriage builder opening a carriage factory, little knowing that he would be forming a dynasty for future generations in the provision of funeral services.

Synonymous With Industriousness And Leadership

The name Carnell is now synonymous with industriousness as well as leadership. After having spent a century in producing horse drawn carriages and sleighs, they began to construct coffins because of great public demand. This led them into being asked to take charge of funeral and burial services and, it led Andrew G. Carnell to become the first embalmer in Newfoundland, Canada.

In 1966, the funeral operations were shifted to a very modern building that contained comfortable reposing rooms as well as lounges and, was the first integrated funeral home in that province. Presently, Carnell's funeral home has large as well as modern reposing rooms, lounges as well as lobbies that feature soft lighting, fireplaces as well as tasteful artwork that lend an aura of soothing comfort. In addition, there is an on-site chapel that can accommodate more than 175 people and, is useful for all kinds of services are they religious or non-religious.

Carnell's funeral home also caters to the needs of those that die away from home and, thus require having their bodies transported back home, without undue delays. Because emotions become exasperated due to different circumstances, it is important for a funeral service such as Carnell's funeral home to be able to deal with different causes as well as location of death and, bring the body home in least possible time - which it does, admirably well.

As would be expected from a reputable funeral home, Carnell's funeral home will also provide traditional funeral services, which may be of four different types. There is need to have provision for a period of visitation or wake in the funeral home that may last a few days. In addition, there is need to have a public or private ceremony in a funeral home chapel or church of one's choice and, a committed service and burial in a cemetery. Lastly, there is need for memorialization or the placement of a permanent marker or inscription at the place of burial. Carnell's funeral homes provide the complete funeral service and, have the facilities, staff as well as resources to cater to the most demanding funeral needs.