School Fundraising Ideas

It is an unfortunate fact that even public schools do not have the necessary funds to be able to afford everything that they want or need for their students. Because of this, it is often necessary for schools to do fundraisers to get the money that they need for sports uniforms, extra books in the library, drama club costumes, or almost any other equipment for extra curricular activities. If you are bored of the usual fundraisers at your school, here are some school fundraising ideas to get you started on a new fundraiser to make money for your school.

Action Fundraisers

Some of the best fundraisers are events or actions. School fundraising can be fun and interesting if you choose a fundraiser like this. There are many different ways to incorporate actions into your fundraisers. You could do a walk or run for whatever it is you are trying to earn money for. Have each student participating collect pledges for laps around the track. For example, someone could pledge a dollar a lap. Or someone could give an outright donation instead. This way people will feel like the student is really working for the money.

Another great action fundraiser idea for a school fundraising project is for sports. You can tailor any action or event fundraiser to your sport. If you are trying to make money to buy new soccer jerseys, have a kick off with the players one on one with the coach or principle as the goalie. People can donate money per goal, just like they would with the laps around the track. You could also do this school fundraising idea with football field goals, home runs in baseball, goals in field hockey, or any other sport.

Scratch Card Fundraising

A great way to do school fundraising is by using scratch cards. These scratch cards are much like lottery tickets. The person donating simply scratches a circle or two to reveal how much they are going to donate. No circles are ridiculously high amounts, and with many cards the highest amount is five dollars. Most cards add up to one hundred dollars. It is an easy way to make money for your school or organization, and people do not feel like they are being pressured to buy things that they do not need. These cards cut right to the chase and allow people to truly give to the school in a meaningful way.

School fundraising can be complicated and complex, but with these school fundraising ideas, it does not have to be!