Finding School Fundraising Ideas

If you are in charge of school fundraising this year, you may think that you are in over your head. It can be difficult to come up with new, unique, and exciting fundraisers for your school. It may seem like the same boring and time consuming fundraiser is being done year after year. Each year parents are forced to beg their coworkers and family members to buy useless and overpriced items from their child's fundraiser books. Well the time for that has come and gone. Here are some new, unique, and exciting school fundraising ideas to help get you started on your path towards fun fundraisers!

Scratch Off Cards

A great school fundraising idea to raise the money that you need is by using scratch off cards. These scratch off cards work much like a scratch off lottery ticket except that the number the person scratches off is the amount that they donate, not win. These tickets are great because each ticket adds up to one hundred dollars. If you have even ten students get a card completely filled then your organization can make a thousand dollars. Plus, they are very cheap to purchase. In addition, these cards are great because no one person feels like they are donating too much money. The highest price on these scratch off cards is usually around five dollars. This is cheaper than buying the useless things that many schools sell and the person can feel like they are really helping the school or organization out by donating.

Selling Services

Another great school fundraising idea that is especially good for a high school fundraiser is selling services. If you have a group of students trying to raise money, they can sell their services to people in the community. They can rake leaves, clean gutters, mow lawns, organize garages, wash cars, or do any other household job that someone might need done. This is great if there are a lot of older people in your community who cannot do these things on their own. The only major rule with this is that there must be an adult accompanying the students at all time. There are a few ways that you can implement this fundraising idea. You could have a "rent-a-teen" program where the individual can rent the teen for a whole afternoon for a set price or for an hourly price. You could also have a list of services that the students can sign up for and each service is individually priced. However you do this, this school fundraising idea will not only help the community but also raise money for your organization.