School Fundraising Activities That Are Proven to Work

Like church fundraising, you may dread the notion of planning school fundraising activities but it doesn't have to be that way. School fundraising can actually be a lot of fun while at the same time lucrative. The problem is that many schools try activities without doing enough planning and they fail to meet their goals that way. Here are some activities that are proven to bring good results.

Fun and Lucrative Charity Events

Of all school fundraising activities, charity events can be the most fun for everyone involved. For example, you could hold a charity poker tournament or charity golf tournament, with all the proceeds going to your school. You can also host an entertaining event such as a dinner theater or a Mardi Gras fundraiser party. Relays and art raffles are also very successful.

Other fun school fundraising activities are karaoke contests, dance fundraisers, and bowling fundraisers. With karaoke contests, you can capitalize on the American Idol craze and have people compete by singing and dancing in front of a crowd with a karaoke machine. Dance fundraisers are very lucrative for high schools and middle schools. Bowling fundraisers are a fun event for both friends and family.

Services that Are Always Successful

Tried and true school fundraising activities include photography fundraising, bake sales, and car washes. You can organize a photography event by offering portrait services to your supporters. There are few people that would turn down a homemade cookie or brownie so bake sales are always very successful. Car washes are a very good service to offer over the weekend in warm weather.

Auctions: An Easy Way to Create Appeal

Auctions are very successful school fundraising activities. Get the entire community involved. You can network with local businesses to auction off services and packages that are very appealing to everyone in town, such as a balloon ride, dinner, spa treatment, or vacation. You can also auction off services such as lawn mowing, cleaning, and babysitting. If possible, you can also auction off items that you receive as donations from local businesses and supporters.

Use this information as a guide to help you plan and organize successful school fundraising activities. School fundraising doesn't have to be boring. You can make it fun, interesting, and lucrative by getting creative and trying a variety of different activities. By doing so, you will also be able to meet your fundraising goals in no time.