Keys to Successful Private School Fundraising

Private schools, unlike public schools, do not get any funding from the state so school fundraising activities play a prominent role. Private school fundraising has to consist of a larger variety of unique programs because there is a greater necessity to raise funds in order to meet costs.

Private school fundraising generally focuses on collecting funds and networking with local businesses to receive donations. Auctions are commonly held in order to raise the necessary amount of money. Private school alumni are generally very motivated in helping their school raise funds and can play a pivotal role in helping schools by organizing events and auctions using their real world influence.

Lighten the Workload for Parents

It's important not to stress parents out when doing private school fundraising. Many parents will lose motivation if they are sent out to sell chocolates and other products that most people don't want or need. The most successful products for private school fundraisers include discount shopping cards, pizza cards, and calling cards.

Events that are helpful include auctions as mentioned. You can link up with local businesses and auction off deals like a balloon ride for two, a hotel/vacation package, a dinner for two, a shopping spree, etc. If you want to offer your own services, you can auction off babysitting services, car washes, lawn mowing, and baked goods, to name a few. Get the students involved in the fundraising process as well to promote active participation in school life.

Catalogs are generally not a very good idea for private school fundraising because they often sell products that there is little need for. Focus on big campaigns and events instead of burdening the parents with selling these products. Big events will bring big donations and you won't have to rely so heavily on selling products and items that many people don't need. Discount cards are good because they give people a good deal while giving them the sense that they are helping a cause out at the same time.

Some other good ideas for private school fundraising include online fundraising. With online fundraising, your school has to link up with an online fundraising company and create a customized website. All you have to do is encourage people to shop on the website and your school will be rewarded with a portion of the profits. This is a relatively effortless way to raise funds that can be treated as passive income while you focus on organizing events and campaigns.

Do yourself and your school a favor and follow these simple tips for private school fundraising. By doing so you will be able to double or triple the amount you have fundraised in the past. It's important to be creative and try many different methods for the greatest levels of success. Get out there and start planning your private school fundraising activities so you can sit back and watch the funds roll in.