Online Fundraising Ideas People Will Give To

If you want free online fundraising advertising, you have to have an online fundraising idea people will stand behind. Not only do the webmasters have to believe in the idea so that they'll put the banners and ads on their pages free of charge, but people who will donate have to believe in the cause as well. Nobody is going to go for an online fundraising idea that is for your personal gain. For example, if you have an online fundraising idea such as 'give to me because I have no job and I don't want to look for one', nobody is going to give you a dime. However, if you have an online fundraising idea such as one that benefits cancer, or AIDS, or muscular dystrophy, or something to that effect, that is much more likely to get donations from everyday people.

Who To Talk To

You want to put the banners for your online fundraising idea on web pages that get lots of hits daily. Major news sites and other mainstream media sites aren't likely to give you any advertising space for free, so you might want to try local. See if there are any pages in your area that are from non profit companies. Also, try to find companies that assist with the same causes that your online fundraising idea benefits. Creating partnerships with likeminded companies is a great way to get free advertising for your online fundraising idea.

Social Networking

You might also try the social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. These sites will allow you to put anything you want on your page and you can even get your friends to help advertise for you. Again, as long as it's a good online fundraising idea, you should have no problem getting people to donate to your cause. The great thing about social networking sites is that you can create a viral marketing campaign to reach many people across states and even across countries; and all in a matter of hours or days.

Your online fundraising idea, if it's good enough, could generate thousands of dollars. Just be honest and don't get greedy. All of the money collected should go to that cause or else you stand the chance of having nobody donate to your causes again and, worse, you could face criminal charges. However, if you have to pay for advertising space, it might be ok to pay for these things out of the money collected as long as most of it goes to the cause you collected for.