The Best Non Profit Fundraising Tip You'll Ever Hear: Three Keys to Success

Non profit fundraising is all about having multiple streams of income so you need to think of as many ways as possible to raise money rather than just relying on one tried and tested fundraising event. You need to get creative! The best non profit fundraising tip you will hear is to come up with a well thought out plan. Here are three keys to success in order to come up with that plan.

Strive to Raise More Funds Each Year

An important non profit fundraising tip is to review past results and strive to do better each year. Figure out which income streams performed the best and think about what changes you can make to them to make them even more lucrative than they were in the past. Think of ways to recruit more people and improve your image and message to make it more compelling.

Write a Business Plan

A non profit fundraising tip that is the backbone to real success is to draft a business plan. Draft a business plan that details each person's role, your goals as a group, and the how you are going to achieve those goals. Break it down into a step-by-step action plan and make sure each person in your team knows what they have to set out to accomplish. Being organized is very important. You need to make sure each member of the team has a very clear idea of why you are raising funds in order to be sure that everyone is capable of communicating the message effectively to outsiders.

Strive for Focus

Instead of spreading everyone in your team thin and overburdening them with responsibilities, focus on doing fundraising campaigns no more than two to three times per year. An important non profit fundraising tip is to not make too many small requests for donations because you will tire out your supporters and organization members. Think big to earn big donations. It's important to focus on a small handful of big campaigns in order not to tire out your volunteers, who won't come back to work with you next year if you overwork them.

Now that you are armed with this information, get together with your team and come up with a master plan. The most important non profit fundraising tip is to be organized. Without organization and teamwork, you will not be able to achieve your fundraising goals. Make sure you have clear goals and clear paths set up to help you achieve those goals. By doing so, you will certainly be on your way to raising more funds than you ever thought possible.