Non Profit Fundraising Strategies: Ideas for Maximizing Donations

Are you finding it difficult to fundraise for your non profit organization? There are non profit fundraising strategies out there that can help you maximize your donations. Variety is the spice of life and it's no different when it comes to fundraising for non profit groups. Here are a few fundraising activity ideas that will help you get started.


There are many different items you can offer in auctions as non profit fundraising strategies. Some of these include a balloon ride for two, a hotel or vacation package, photographic portraits, furniture, dinner for two, membership to a country club, and more. Members of the organization can also auction off services such as lawn mowing or babysitting. The tried and true bake sale auction can also be effective in helping raising funds.

Cash Back Rewards and Coupons

Important non profit fund raising strategies include linking up with local businesses and collecting coupons. Some businesses such as Kmart and Office Depot offer a percentage of cash back from purchases made by consumers affiliated with certain schools. For example, Kmart's program assigns different schools barcodes. Anytime affiliates make purchases the barcode is used and later 5% of the cost of the purchases is rewarded to the schools.

There are online shopping web sites that help with non profit fund raising strategies by giving a percentage of the proceeds to non-profits and schools. You can sign up at one of these sites and encourage your members to shop there whenever possible. There are also cereal boxes that have coupons you can collect to raise funds. Encourage your members to purchase these cereals and campaign to collect coupons.

Challenge Gifts

One of the most lucrative non profit fundraising strategies is the challenge gift. A challenge gift is usually a large gift that comes from a corporation, individual, or foundation. The donor is basically challenging others to match their donation and will only make the donation if the challenge is met. This strategy energizes donors to give more than they normally would. When using this strategy, it's important to keep the donors fired up. You can use a thermometer chart to show how much has been raised when you approach new donors. When you start approaching the goal, you will be surprised at how many donors will be willing to help you reach it by making extra donations.

So there you have it. In order to give your non profit fundraising strategies the boost they need, get creative and try a variety of methods. By doing so, you will be able to maximize the funds you raise easily and effectively.