Ideas for a Successful Middle School Fundraiser

Are you on the hunt for ideas for your middle school fundraiser? You're not the only one. The good news is that there are many fundraising ideas that are more lucrative than catalog fundraising. Whether you are doing private school fundraising or public school fundraising, catalogs are usually not very successful because they sell items that your supporters don't really need and they often end up overwhelming them because of the sheer number of products available.

When you are doing a middle school fundraiser, you will have the best results if you sell products that are simple and offer a good value. Some examples include discount shopping cards, pizza cards, and prepaid phone cards. These are practical products that most people have a need or desire for. They have widespread appeal, unlike products such as lollipops or cookie dough, which not everyone may be interested in.

Discount Cards

You might be wondering what a discount card is. Discount cards usually go for around $10 and offer prearranged discounts at local supermarkets and department stores. Sometimes it will be for a one-time only discount or it will be a discount card with unlimited use. These cards are usually valid for about a year. Some examples include discounts for movie rentals, oil changes, haircuts, or ice cream. Discount shopping cards are very successful in middle school fundraisers because most families are interested in saving money.

Pizza Cards

Pizza cards are similar to discount shopping cards except they are tied to a local pizza chain. For example, the card may be valid for one year and offer a two-for-one discount. They are popular and successful in middle school fundraisers because children of that age are generally very fond of pizza.

Prepaid Phone Cards

Prepaid phone cards work the same as shopping discount cards and pizza cards. There are variations in per minute calling rates and access fees so you have to shop around to find the best deal for your supporters. If many of your supporters have family abroad, children in college, or go away on business often, prepaid phone cards are an excellent option for middle school fundraisers.

Make no mistake about it. When it comes to middle school fundraisers, discount cards are very lucrative and successful. If you try to make your supporters buy products or items that they wouldn't normally buy, it can be harder to raise money but if you offer discount cards for services and products that you supporters regularly purchase you can raise a lot more money in general. So get out there and start comparing different discount cards if you want to make your fundraising efforts worthwhile.