Creating A Fundraising Letter

Many charities and not for profit organizations rely on the help of others in order to meet their objectives. While there are a number of different ways to generate the funding that might be needed it is not uncommon to use a fundraising letter. These letters can be an effective tool that will allow the group to get their message out to larger numbers of people then that might otherwise be able to.

Many groups will agonize over what a proper fundraising letter should include. Some will even buy special fundraising software packages that can help them put together a good fundraising letter. This can be necessary because most people are not receptive to letters from sources that they are not aware of. This makes it increasingly more important to make the fundraising letter stand out from any other mail that might have been received that day so it does not get thrown out with the trash.

What A Fundraising Letter Should Include

Making your fundraising letter standout is only half of the battle. Getting the person to open it is the next goal. Some groups include a special gift inside of the letter to entice people to open it up. By printing "special gift enclosed" many people will find that they do actually open up the letter to see what the mystery gift just might be.

Once the letter is opened the person is likely to head straight to the free gift. It is likely to be something small like address labels or a magnet that you can place on your refrigerator. The person might really love it or it could be a gift that they have little use for. Once they have opened the fundraising letter they are likely to at least browse through its contents.

Included with the gift should be an introductory letter. It should detail who the sender of the fundraising letter is and what its purpose might be. Outlining the exact cause that requires the donation of money is very useful so that the receiver fully understands the purpose.

Also included with the fundraising letter should be a simple card and return envelope for it. The card should provide information for how to donate to the charity to make it as easy as possible for the receiver to fill it out and return it. This frequently includes having everything, including donation amounts, already printed on the card. Then all the person has to do is send in the money and everyone wins.