Fundraising for Non Profit Groups: Where to Find New Donors

Ever wondered how fundraising for non profit groups works? It may seem like a daunting task but if you look in the right places, it's not difficult to find donors for your cause. An important non profit fundraising tip is to put yourself out there and get the help of your current members to find new donors.

County Fairs

Setting up a table at a county fair and offering door prizes to anyone that signs up is effective when fundraising for non profit groups. Make sure to get all of the contact information of the people that sign up, such as their full name, address, phone number, email address, and title. Make sure to bring informational pamphlets about your organization and talk to every visitor about what the organization is about and let them know that their name will be placed on your mailing list if they sign up.

Surveys and Emails

When fundraising for non profit groups, it's important to always try to find new members through your current members. Send surveys out to the current members of your organization by mail and leave spaces where they can recommend two to four of their friends. Ask them about ways you can improve the organization and make sure to update all contact information as well as employer information for matching corporate gifts purposes.

In this day and age, technology rules so make sure to use email to your advantage. When fundraising for non profit groups send out periodic emails to your current members requesting donations or announcing special promotions and events. Ask members to send the email out to their friends in their email address book to spread the word. Leave a place in the email for potential new members to request to be a part of the email list. You have the potential to triple or quadruple your donors this way.

Company Newsletters

When fundraising for non profit groups, ask your current donors and members to include an ad for your organization in their company newsletter. Newsletters for both big corporations and small businesses will work. Include a coupon for a special service or product for new donors in the ad if possible.

In conclusion, when you are fundraising for non profit groups you have to put yourself out there to find new donors. Get your current donors to help you find new donors through their contacts and get involved in the community so potential new donors can learn about your organization.