Manpower For A Fundraising Event

If you're planning a fundraising event, you need plenty of people involved. Regardless of whether you're creating a cookbook for your church culinary gifted parishioners to share their talents or a golf tournament with Bagger Vance making a guest appearance - whatever your fundraising event idea - there are certain jobs that need to be done - and you need people to fill those jobs.

Head Honcho

Obviously, there must be a Head for any fundraising event. They are the one where "the buck stops here." They may not know exactly everything that is going on with everyone involved, but they just might know more than that. This person needs to enjoy being the one in charge. They will be the one to liaison with the organization - whether it be the pastor or the board of directors or whoever.

Keeping The Books Straight

Having organized, transparent, finances has become a must for all organizations. The person who is in charge of the fundraising event finances needs to have a bit of skill in this area, finances, so that he or she doesn't flounder and drown under the pressure. The money end of the fundraiser is one of the most important! Depending on the nature of the fundraising event, keeping the books may be manual, but using a program like Quickbooks is also a good way to go.

Sales Is The Name Of The Game

Whether there are actual sales of a product (like those church cookbooks) or not is immaterial. There are sales. Sales can be in the form of promoting the fundraising event itself, so that many people will attend and contribute at the event. Or maybe your form of sales is to get the kids at the school to having their parents stick a $5 bill into an envelope and send it back to school so that they can be a "contributing member" of the Community Club. Regardless, it is sales. Sales is what actually gets money into the hands of the organization. There should be many people filling this role!

Ads And Flyers

Having something in print to show to people or put up in windows is important - it lends legitimacy to the organization and the fundraising event. Grocery stores are much more likely to donate product to your La Leche League Breastfeeding Walk in August if they've seen the information in print. Also, note that some companies won't even allow their managers to donate unless they keep a hard copy on file of the event's flyer. Posting flyers promoting the event is also an important way to remind people of your fundraising event. Flyers can also be sent home with school children so that their parents are more likely to be aware of an event and participate.