Conducting Fundraising Program

A good fundraising program needs planning and coordination. Every fundraising program is different, and hence logistics can greatly vary. A fundraiser can be a group of people or an individual, but the main focus is to raise funds for some specific purpose.

Fundraising Program Guidelines

Each fundraising program should have a purpose, the one that everyone would like to support. The need for money, amount of money and specific goals are keys to a successful fundraising program. If the goal of the program is meaningful, it is easy to get more support from parents, neighbours, administrators and other people. Some of the most common programs are scratch cards fundraisers, chocolates fundraisers, magazine fundraisers, gift brochures fundraisers and so on.

It is not a good idea to do too much yourself, and it is a good idea to delegate. If possible, make a team of four or five volunteers who can help in organizing the activity. To make your fundraising program a success, it is important to set an objective, and a deadline to achieve that objective. It is advisable to keep the fundraising program one or two weeks long, as it will help the participants stay motivated and on the right track.

If will be a great help if the exact number of volunteers is known who will help during fundraising program to organize a selling strategy. It is important to stay in touch with all the volunteers so that they can be encouraged and motivated constantly. Be a role model in the group and provide guidance as and when needed.

To organize the fundraising program, list down the potential donors before you start approaching them for providing support. It is best to start with friends and family members, and then move on to neighbors and other people who you think might be interested in the cause being promoted.

All the volunteers must have the clear idea of the objective of the fundraiser program, and it must be communicated to the potential donors in clear terms, without any ambiguity. When approaching the donors, be polite and enthusiastic about the cause. It is advisable to carry the fundraising products with you.

Some of the most common School fundraising programs are magazine fundraising, Hebert chocolate fundraising, cookie dough, candy and chocolate fundraising, Fast Track fundraising, gourmet frozen food fundraising, Jack Link's beef snacks fundraising, fundraiser auctions, scratch card fundraisers, gift brochures, sports fundraisers and many more. These programs are also used in fundraising campaigns and drives by boy and girl scouts when they want to raise funds for Jamborees.