Free Online Fundraising For Your School

There are many reasons to fundraise for your school. Maybe the band needs new instruments or new uniforms, or maybe you need new uniforms and equipment for your sports teams, or maybe you need new school supplies, a new classroom or whatever. The old way of fundraising for your school would be to have car washes and raffles, and these are still done to this day, but there's a better way to fundraise. Free online fundraising is a great way to get the funds you need for whatever your school needs. For free online fundraising, you need websites that reach a lot of people, you need to advertise heavily and you need to make it very easy for people to donate as well as be clear what the donations are for.

Put It Together

The great thing about schools is that there are always students who possess a variety of skills and talents. You might have several great artists, some good computer programmers, some great planners and some great marketing and advertising experts. Get these types of people together and there's nothing you can't do. Get these people together and create a free online fundraising team. Then, create a website using one of the free social networking sites, such as Facebook or Myspace, using the artists and computer programmers, the planners to help them organize the entire thing and the marketing and advertising people to help market it for the general public. Make sure it's printed clearly what the donations are for and try to include lots of photos and other items so that people will enjoy visiting the site.


Then, you'll want to push that site. This is where the students can really help with the free online fundraising. They can tell their friends, their friends' friends, their parents and anyone else who will listen. Leave flyers and business cards with the site's name everywhere you can think of. The idea is to expose the site to as many people as possible.

Make It Easy To Donate

Let people know how they can donate. Maybe you can set up a free PayPal account where people can donate using credit or debit cards, or let them call the school or use another website where people can donate via E-commerce. With the right idea and enough exposure, you can get all the money you need for your school through free online fundraising. And it's also a lot of fun when you get everyone together for a common goal.