Easy Ideas For Elementary School Fundraisers

If you are working on a fundraiser or have worked on them in the past, you know how difficult and frustrating some fundraisers can be. You have to work with paperwork, shipments, and delivery of items. This is especially difficult if you are dealing with elementary school students. In reality, an elementary school fundraiser is usually the parents doing the fundraising. At least with a middle school fundraiser or a high school fundraiser the children are old enough to understand, but you have to keep elementary school fundraisers as simple as possible so that the kids can understand and try their very best.

The Easiest Idea

There are many very easy elementary school fundraiser ideas. One easy fundraising idea is to do a fifty fifty raffle. If your school is having an event like a breakfast or a chorus concert, this is a great idea. All you have to do is sell the raffle tickets. When the time comes, have a student draw the winning ticket. The winner receives fifty percent of the total money taken in. Many people actually choose to donate their winnings back to the school or organization. The downside to this elementary school fundraiser idea is that you will probably only make a few hundred dollars and it is ineffective for raising large sums of money.

Basket Bingo

Another super easy elementary school fundraiser idea is to do basket bingo. Basket bingo is great because you can ask people in the community (business owners, parents, organizations, etc), to donate things for prizes for bingo. Then you can sell tickets for anywhere from fifteen to twenty dollars for people to come play bingo. Students can call the numbers, hand out prizes, or help keep the chip cups filled. If you want your elementary students to be able to be involved in the fundraiser, this is a great idea.

Other Easy Fundraising Ideas

There are many other easy elementary school fundraiser ideas aside from raffles and bingo. You could do a bake sale for an easy fundraiser. All you need to have are parents and students to donate food items and a table to set up your goods. You can set up a bake sale anywhere, but festivals or fairs are the best locations! If your event is in the summer, make sure to bring a cooler with cold drinks in it.

Whatever you choose, know that for your elementary school fundraiser you do not need to stick to the traditional and difficult fundraisers. Instead, think outside of the box and find an easy, fun fundraiser for all involved!