A Guide To Easy Fundraiser

Fundraiser is a campaign or an event that helps raise money for a cause. Fundraisers can be for a company, a group of people or individuals whose main aim is to raise funds for a specific non-profit organization or charity. Charitable organizations directly employ individuals who can raise funds for charities. Fields of fundraising can be quite complex and directors of development prefer to rely on the companies or individuals who are experts in this field.

Types of Easy Fundraisers

There are many kinds of fundraiser events and some of the most common techniques are sales drive, meals and entertainment, competitive or sporting events, membership campaigns, services, capital campaigns, online fundraisers and sponsored walks.

In addition to the events for an easy fundraiser, many community groups, sports leagues and schools sell some products to generate money. In 2005, selling products raised more than $1.7b and most of these sales came from schools and school-related groups. Some of the most common products for easy fundraisers are cookies, gift-wraps, candles, candy bars, magazines, ornaments, fresh fruits and other perishables.

Easy Fundraiser Ideas

It is easy to raise some funds using re-usable Spinners that can prove to be quite profitable. Spinners are made of high quality plastic that will not melt, fade or perish. Supporters just need to spin the arrow that will land on various donation amounts ranging from $1-$10. In return for this donation, they get coupons from various sponsors.

You can also offer breakfasts to raise money for your group. Keep the items simple such as biscuits, bagels, sandwiches and tea, and it is important to keep the pricing reasonable. The menu must be appealing to the eyes and should be served hygienically.

Celebrity lunches or suppers is a great way for easy fundraisers. You can be paid by people who want to spend some time with someone they admire such as a singer, star, journalist, politician, community figure or business leader.

Another easy fundraiser idea is to set up an area with a bare Christmas tree, and challenge the contributors who pass by to make the donations until the tree is entirely covered with money. Put the donations on the tree with their names prominently displayed. Put the tree where you expect a lot of traffic such as a mall, supermarket, shopping center, office complex, bank lobby, church lobby, restaurant or government building.

Fundraising Tips

To ensure the success of the easy fundraiser, you need to plan well in advance so that there are no surprises at the last moment. You need to set a fundraising goal and budget and also decide what type of fundraiser you want to run, and then discuss it with the consultant. Arrange a meeting with all the volunteers to assign tasks and set deadlines. Prepare all the materials you need such as flyers and notices.