How To Plan One Type Of Successful Church Youth Group Fundraiser

The teenagers in your youth group have activities they want to do, and a lot of such things take money. Rather than expecting each of the youth (or their parents) to pony up the money, it is better to have the whole group participate in a church youth group fundraiser, where they earn the money all together.

If you are in charge of planning your church youth group fundraiser, you know you need it to be successful - the good will you have from helping the youth earn money for an activity will die out if it isn't a worthwhile endeavor.

A fundraiser can be a lot of work, and you want your work to pay off in a big way. So, be sure you go for it with real gusto. As in all types of non profit fundraising, you should get a lot of people involved, and advertise as much as possible. Following such rules, your church youth group fundraiser can be a success!

Church Car Wash

One usually successful church youth group fundraiser is to have a car wash. Be sure to get permission from the place where you want to have the car wash, whether in a shopping center, empty lot, or even the church parking lot (if it is in a location that will get a lot of drive by traffic).

Have plenty of signs up to entice people to take advantage of your car wash and help your youth group raise money. Be sure your signs say how much you are charging, plus "tips accepted!"

Ask ahead about a water source - you will need it! Be sure to bring buckets so that you won't have to leave the water just running the whole time - be water wise. Also, figure out what type of car cleaner you'll be using. Have plenty of clean, dry, towels to help dry cars, so that the customers leave your car wash all finished.

Have enough youth at the group church fundraiser so that everyone helps and no one does the lion's share of the work. More hands to help equals faster service and happier customers! Ideally, they all participate, making it easier to share the money afterwards.

The goal of the church youth group fundraiser should be to raise money while having fun together. Working together is good for the church youth, and a group fundraiser can give them that experience, as well.