Tile Flooring Offers Durability And Design Options

When considering flooring materials for various rooms in the house, for the kitchen and bathroom many people choose tile flooring due to its durability, beauty and resistance to water and humidity. When ceramic materials are installed and cared for properly, they can last the life of the house and maintain their appearance. Most tile flooring materials are easy to care for and cleans easily with most floor cleaners. There are also an almost unlimited number of styles and designs and by using different colors and patterns, unique styles can be achieved.

While many materials may be referred to as tile, such as vinyl and linoleum when most people consider tile flooring they are thinking about ceramic or terra cotta materials. These can be found in a variety of pricing, mostly due to the layers of glazing used and the more layers of glaze, the more expensive the tile. They can anywhere from two dollar to $20 per square foot and installation on top of that.

One of the disadvantages to ceramic tile flooring is the installation, as it takes a certain amount of experience to lay it properly to be waterproof and protect the sub floor. Although it stands up in high traffic areas, tile flooring can be unforgiving to stand on for long periods, causing muscle fatigue. Additionally, if a breakable item is dropped on a tile floor, there is a good chance it will break.

Tile Can Be A Great Investment

For the most part, ceramic tile flooring is a good investment and if properly care for will last for many years, usually for the lifetime of the house. Repairs are also easy to make as broken tiles can be replaced one at a time. It is always suggested to buy more tiles than needed and kept safe to use as replacements in the event the pattern or color is discontinued.

Many have found that tile flooring can give the impression of being colder than many other flooring types. Especially in colder climates, wearing shoes or slippers on this type of floor may be more of a requirement than an option. However, during hot days it may provide a welcome relief. They are easy to keep clean and if installed properly, water will not penetrate the surface allowing mopping with a wet mop an advantage.

Installing tile flooring in many areas of the home is also possible as it can be installed below grade in humid conditions. However, it should be noted that humidity can affect the sub floor and care should be exercised when choosing ceramic tile flooring for some environments.