Rubber Flooring Offers Resilient Flooring Alternative

With today's active families, it is not unusual to find rubber flooring in different rooms of the house, but most often they are used in exercise rooms and in other areas where durability is necessary. Frequently, more people are using rubber flooring in their garage to offer a more defined appearance, especially those who use their garage for more than parking their car and storing junk. A rainbow of colors also make this type of flooring more appealing to a wider audience.

Several people are using their basement as exercise rooms and use rubber flooring to not only enhance the appearance of the room but also to protect the concrete from dropped weights. Additionally, rubber flooring offers a more comfortable surface on which to stand for extended periods without muscle fatigue. Additionally, there is less chance of injury from falling on a resilient surface rather than on bare concrete. Even with other uses of the basement, rubber flooring can help reduce the noise level typically associated with basement living.

Many flooring materials are also not conducive to installation below grade levels and tile are rubber are two of the most-often used below ground level. On top of all that, rubber flooring can be used in garages as well as on patios and other types of surfaces.

Confusion Exists Over Use Of Rubber On Floors

For some folks, the though of using rubber on their floors may bring up images of old tires stacked up, and while some of today's rubber flooring may contain recycled tires, users will never be able to tell the difference. The technology used in today's flooring make them appear as it was made with all brand new materials.

The types of rubber flooring is also consistent with many other types of materials and are available in rolled pieces or in tile form, allowing for the creation of innovative designs. Additionally, many of the rolled rubber flooring designs can be made unique to the taste of the individual homeowner. They are also used in a variety of commercial applications where resiliency and softness is needed.

Many retailer use rubber flooring at their entrance and exit doors to prevent falls from spilled liquids as well as around areas where there is a large possibility of spills from others are apparent. User friendly installation and safety play a huge role in the choice of rubber as a flooring material and continued improvements and newer designs make it a more appealing option.