The Rich Beauty Of Pine Flooring

Since the early days of our ancestors, pine flooring has been used in homes around the world. Many of the very first wood floors were constructed from this beautiful, white wood. Today, this beautiful flooring is a highly prized feature in many homes, especially those older homes that have been restored to their original beauty. If you have been considering redoing your floors with this lovely wood, read on to see the many benefits of having pine flooring; as well as tips and tricks to keep your existing flooring in tip top shape.

Does It Match Your Style?

Pine flooring is what is considered a white wood flooring. It is extraordinarily beautiful and versatile. If your home has a rustic style of decorating, pine floors can be given a "distressed" look, to help them blend in with the current style of distressed wood furniture. This is best done by a professional, though; and should never be attempted by anyone who has no experience distressing wood. The chemicals used to distress wood can destroy beautiful floors if not used properly, so always consult a professional if you like this look.

Pine flooring can also be quite elegant in homes decorated with a Victorian flare. The beautiful, light wood looks lovely next to any antique furniture; and can easily be blended with darker wood furniture, to create a striking contrast. Many contemporary styled homes also have pine flooring throughout, as it contributes to the more minimalist effect that many prefer.

Caring For Pine Flooring

Caring for pine flooring is quite a bit different than caring for other hardwood flooring. As pine is considered a soft wood, it is quite easily scratched, and can become damaged quite easily. One of the most important things to remember about pine wood floors is that they absolutely must be buffed and oiled regularly to prevent wear, as well as decay.

There are many oils made specifically for pine flooring that will help you keep your floors beautiful. These oils come in many scents, and can also be found in organic forms that do not contain chemicals or chemical odors. Oiling your pine floors will help to prevent scratches and stains that would occur on untreated pine flooring.

You must take extra care when moving furniture across your pine flooring. This is an extremely soft wood, which is very susceptible to damage from scratching. Also, you should take care not to wear high heels on pine flooring, as again they can cause serious damage to your beautiful floors.