The Beauty Of Real Oak Flooring

Oak wood has long been used for flooring all over the world more particularly in the United Kingdom. Wood flooring has always been a popular choice for floors especially in houses where owners wish to have a classic and traditional ambiance. Oak flooring is a common choice for those who can afford the cost of having it installed because it is hardy and very durable.

In the United Kingdom, the oak tree is a symbol of strength and durability. It is their national tree and is highly prized for the beauty of its wood grain and texture. It is commonly used as wood paneling, flooring, doors, furniture, cabinets and many others. The beauty of oak is in the grain and this make people want to use the wood for many other purposes other than flooring and paneling.

Types Of Oak Flooring

There are many different types of oak flooring available. Many manufacturers of oak flooring have many types to offer such as solid oak flooring, lacquered oak floors, aged wood, oiled wood and many others. The sizes of the oak flooring are also varied depending on the preferences of the owner. The colors of the oak wood flooring range from rich reds to deep browns. There are also some lighter brown and even cream tones. Many people prefer the aged colors such as rich red and also the deeper dark browns for their floors and wall paneling.

Other people prefer the wider planks to be used for oak flooring. It actually depends on the likes and tastes of the owner of the house or building. Although, these oak flooring boards are more expensive than other flooring materials, many people still prefer to have these installed in their homes. There are any different styles of oak flooring and these include the wide planks, the narrow planks, parquet and even short and narrow planks.

Oak flooring colors and grain depends on the kind of oak tree that has been felled to be used for the wood. Oak flooring color will depend on the owner's preference and likes. There are also many types of oak flooring which may be treated to be shiny while others are oiled to maintain its beauty and rich color. The ones that are not treated for their shine are sometimes called distressed or natural texture and color. The specie of the oak tree will be the factor on which the color and grain will be decided.