The Practical Side To Marble Flooring

Real marble flooring, because it is mined from the earth and professionally cut into uniform pieces to be installed into your home, will always be one of the most expensive flooring alternatives. But almost nothing beats marble flooring when it comes to beauty, variety, and durability and that is why it remains extremely popular despite its high price tag. Marble flooring can come in some of the most beautiful designs you have ever seen and they all occur naturally which makes them even more appealing. However, beyond the natural beauty, there is a practical side to marble flooring that helps to increase their appeal to homeowners all over the world.

Cool Man, Cool

Marble flooring is most popular in the warmer climates and that is because of marble's ability to remain cool even in intense heat and sunlight. The ability to stay cool can be detrimental in colder climates as this also means that marble can become quite cold to the touch when it is cold out. But in the warmer climates it is nice to have a nice cool marble floor to walk on when the heat is beating down outside.

Easy To Clean

Marble flooring, when it is first installed, gets treated with a special finish that protects the floor and keeps moisture out from between the tiles and so the moisture does not attack the wood floor beneath the marble floor. After the finish is installed it will last for upwards of 10 years and during those 10 years all you need to clean your floor is warm water and a mop. There are a lot of specialized marble cleaners out there that are nice but, in all reality, they are unnecessary. This ease of maintenance makes marble flooring very popular.

Lasts Forever

Marble flooring does not get affected by moisture and changes in the climate like ceramic tile or linoleum does. It will stay just as it is for years and it can take a pounding as well. This durability helps to justify, in some ways, the cost of the flooring because if you are going to pay all of that money for a beautiful floor then you want to know that it will not shatter if something gets dropped on it. Marble is natural rock and like a granite or concrete floor marble will withstand a beating better than most other flooring. It makes it easier to justify installing a new marble floor.