Laminate Flooring Adds New Look To Home Without The Mess

In a depressed housing market many homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes instead of selling them and moving into new digs and one of the renovations most often considered in new floor covering. Additionally, many want wood floors but do not want the mess and expense associated with installing new wood. With the availability of laminate flooring, a family can have a new wood floor, often in one day, and have it available for use as soon as the installation is complete.

There are a few things amount laminate flooring that homeowners find attractive, including the fact they can install them as a do-it-yourself project. Additionally, there is typically no need to remove the old floor covering, except for carpeting, before the new laminate flooring is installed. Even with old tile floors chips and holes can be filled with a quick drying material to even the floor before installation, cutting down a lot of work from not having the remove the old surface.

Additionally, the laminate flooring material is boxed so that it can easily be transported in the trunk of most cars or an pickup trucks, eliminating the cost of delivery of heavy flooring materials. With the understanding of how to use a few simple hand tools laminate flooring can be in place quickly and unlike many other floors, can be used almost immediately after installation.

Choices Available For Every Taste

When laminate flooring first hit the market in the late 1990's, it was available in traditional hardwood styles and colors, but today there are many different styles, colors, textures and material appearances that make them attractive in a variety of environments. New technology in their makeup also make them available for many conditions, including bathroom applications where humidity and moisture can ruin traditional wood floors.

Another advantage of laminate flooring is there is no gluing or nailing required as it snaps together and forms a solid, floating floor over the existing surface. The only requirement is making sure the first row of laminate flooring material is set straight and square to the wall and the joints are offset from the previous row. By following simple instructions the interlocking rows will provide a solid, water resistant surface.

Once completed, a simple dust mop is all that is needed to make it ready to use. While water allowed to lie on the laminate flooring for extended periods may cause damage to the surface, in most cases appropriate care of the floor will provide years of use without the need for repair or replacement.