That Would Be Epoxy Flooring

When you say epoxy flooring to people they usually have no idea what you are talking about but yet nearly everyone has seen, and walked on, epoxy flooring. Epoxy is a strong sealant and bonding material that is created when two separate chemicals are combined. Epoxy has a reputation for being stronger than standard adhesives and is also used to protect things such as steel and concrete from the elements. Somewhere along the line a rather brilliant individual got the idea of not only protecting floors with epoxy flooring but creating decorative floor designs with it as well. Once that came to be it was only a matter of time before epoxy flooring started to catch on all over the place.

Epoxy flooring is catching on because it is durable, permanent, and inexpensive to install. It is primarily used in commercial construction and lately it has been called in during new builds to be the finished floor for a new hospital or office building. There is a professional glossy look to an epoxy floor that a ceramic tile floor cannot provide and, best of all, an epoxy floor shows no lines so it looks like someone literally took a laminated picture and dropped it on the floor. Where floor art used to be done using ceramic tile it is now being done with epoxy flooring and when you consider the ease of application and the endless color possibilities it becomes easy to see why epoxy flooring is becoming so popular.

Flooring Of The Future

When you see an epoxy floor it looks clean, glossy, and can have any design you could possibly want painted into it. But there is a practical side to epoxy flooring that is making it the choice of new builds all over the world. It is durable and resistant to heat and moisture. This makes it perfect for places like car mechanic's shops where these extremes are experienced every day. A flooring that can withstand these elements will retain its beauty indefinitely and allow the shop to keep its like new look. Hospitals also benefit from these features as moisture in the flooring is a problem for hospitals. Epoxy solves that problem.

Decorative and durable is a tough combination to beat and that is why epoxy is starting to show up in new office buildings and schools all over the country. If a high school wants their logo to appear in the entrance way in their main foyer they can now get their floor done in epoxy for a lot less that tile would cost and the logo looks perfect. It also takes less time to install epoxy than it does tile which makes for a less expensive installation project. Low cost, durable, adaptable, and able to be done in any design or color the owner wants. It really looks like epoxy is here to stay.