A Guide to Dupont Laminate Flooring

Many people find themselves confused and overwhelmed at the multitude of options that is available to them in terms of flooring these days. One of the most popular offerings of all here is the Dupont laminate flooring, which offers beauty, ease and durability, and all for a fantastically low price.

Dupont laminate flooring offers exclusive InterPlank Design which creates virtually seamless joints, MicroBevel technology that adds depth and realism to the floor, Joint Guard Glueless System that helps to prolong the life of the floor, and pre-installed foam underlayment for added comfort and noise reduction.


You have two basic options when it comes to Dupont laminate flooring: Real Touch Classic and Real Touch Elite. The Dupont Real Touch Classic collection is one containing wood grain decors in a variety of popular, classic colors which work to accentuate any home setting. The red oak, antique oak, and maple are the most popular options here and all look fabulous in any home setting and it is hard to tell the difference between this flooring and real wood flooring.

Then there is the Dupont Real Touch Elite collection, which is just as high quality and beautiful, but which has a few differences as well. This collection features walnut block, cherry block, sand hickory, and golden oak as wood d├ęcor choices and Tuscan stone, amber random slate, and tavas travertine as well.

Both Dupont laminate flooring collections are aesthetically appealing, durable and very competitively priced, especially compared to other laminate flooring options available on the market today.

Pros and Cons

Before you decide to go with Dupont laminate flooring you should consider both the advantages and disadvantages that you will receive by choosing this particular flooring. One of the biggest advantages to laminate flooring is that it is so easy to maintain. This means that you will not have to be constantly cleaning and waxing your floors, which is obviously a great benefit.

There are also certain disadvantages to the flooring however, such as the fact that laminate is limited with less than 20 years whereas other types of flooring, hardwood for example, will last up to 100 years depending on the maintenance and care of the flooring. As well, laminate floors cannot be refinished or stained, and they are also much more difficult to repair compared with other types of flooring as with laminate you have to remove several different planks before you can fix just one.