The Ins and Outs of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Most everyone loves ceramic tile flooring. It is expensive and luxurious looking and yet comfortable, classic and tasteful. It works well in most home d├ęcor and also is incredibly durable so it is able to withstand lots of traffic back and forth. Because it is one of the most costly types of flooring however, you are going to want to make absolutely sure that it is the option you want to go with before going ahead with it.

About Ceramic Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are always a flooring favorite, and are incredibly durable, require little to no maintenance, and the variety of colors and styles is wondrous. Ceramic tile is a great flooring material that is always stylish and when you are in search of a material that combines strength and durability there is nothing better than ceramic tile.

Ceramic tile flooring can work well in almost any room in the home but is especially suited for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. It is not particularly ideal for bedrooms and living rooms because it can often get cold and is a bit too harsh for these more intimate settings.


There are quite a few different choices that you have when it comes to ceramic tile flooring, and in particular you have to decide on what size, color, shape and finish you are interested in. The size of ceramic tiles varies and it really depends on the size of the room that you are planning on putting the ceramic tile flooring in, as if the room is larger you may want to go with larger tiles as opposed to smaller ones, and vice versa.

In terms of color your options are almost limitless, as there is wide color palette to choose from. You can even have the ceramic tiles custom made and dyed to match the exact color of your walls, or a color in a painting that you love and want to use as the focal point of the room, for instance. Shapes include square, rectangular, diamond, hexagon, octagon, triangular, round, and more, and again you want to consider the room that you are putting the ceramic tile flooring in, in order to determine the best option here.

Finally when it comes to the finish of the ceramic tiles, you can choose either plain or glazed, and most people choose to go with the glazed option, namely because it is much more durable and able to withstand dampness better, which would be particularly ideal if used in a bathroom in the home, for instance.