Don't Run Yourself Ragged - Physical Fitness and You

Obesity is a big problem, no pun intended, in the United States today. However, even if a person is overweight or just average, they can still improve their physical fitness with moderate exercise. You don't have to start out by running a marathon, as there are many simple ways that you can work out. For someone who is extremely overweight (or even for those close to their ideal weight), a good way to start improving their physical fitness is to get out and start walking! Walking just 10,000 steps each day as recommended by experts will help to improve your heart health.

Taking Small Steps on the Road to Health

A walk along the beach or a walk through the park can be a fun and relaxing way to work on your physical fitness. For dog owners, walking your pooch can be as beneficial for you as it is for your pet as well! Another easy way to work exercise into your schedule is to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator when you can. If you live in a high-rise condo, climbing the emergency stairs can provide you with some good aerobic exercise. Even at the office, try to use the stairs instead of using the elevator when on your lunch break. Speaking of lunch breaks, if you're pressed for time try something fast and healthy like a fruit smoothie.

Also, if you hit the vending machine while on a break, try to get something that's good for you like an apple if at all possible. Avoid the Snickers bars and potato chips! You can also work out at the office with the right equipment, and anything you can manage to do will help increase your physical fitness level. The Sharper Image actually does have a small, portable hand-bike that you might want to try using at your desk when you have a break. If you're not into working out at a gym but aren't afraid of exercise equipment, you might want to try an elliptical machine or stationary exercise bike.

That way you can watch TV and work out at the same time. Take things one day at a time, and try to make gradual changes. Once your physical fitness improves to a decent level, who knows, one day you might be in good enough shape to run a marathon. Making small changes will make you feel great.