Learning About Longevity Fitness Club and Spa

The Longevity Fitness Club and Spa is a fitness club and spa that is exclusively for women, and which is more than just a health club. They offer women a place that they can go to escape, relieve stress, and make friends. Their main mission here is to provide an atmosphere that is positive and encouraging, and where you can really feel free to be yourself.

Classes and Services

You can enjoy over 60 classes a week in their aerobics studio, and they also offer kickboxing classes. Kickboxing is just one of several high impact classes that they offer however, and other fat burning classes include cycling, step aerobics and hi-lo aerobics classes. There are also senior classes available, and these classes are seated, providing older women with a safe workout with minimal risk of injury.

Or maybe you are more interested in taking up a relaxation exercise, such as Yoga or Pilates. There is a separate Yoga studio available at the Longevity Fitness Club and Spa, and it is complete with beautiful live plants, a tranquil and calming d├ęcor, and relaxing fountain.

The personal training services are especially popular at the Longevity Fitness Club and Spa, and there are quite a few different knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers that you can choose from. It can often get frustrating and discouraging when you are working out on your own, especially when you have let yourself go for a while and are just trying to get back into regular exercise now. A personal trainer is great because it gives you someone who will be by your side and be able to offer you the motivation that you need to get going.

From aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, senior classes, nutrition plans, certified personal training, massage services, kickboxing, cycling classes, steam saunas and more, the Longevity Fitness Club and Spa is a great fitness club for all women, and definitely one that you will want to check out on your own. There is even free childcare available so if you want to go and work out or relax but have to bring the children along you will have a place to drop them off until you are finished.

If you are interested in getting more details on the Longevity Fitness Club and Spa then you will want to contact them for more information on any of the offered services or programs that are available. They offer great prices and a fantastic staff, and can definitely be considered as one of the best fitness clubs in the world.