Home Fitness Equipment: There's No Need For Fancy Machines

When it comes to working out at home, many people think they need fancy, expensive equipment in order to become fit and to get the body of their dreams. This, however, is completely untrue and it's a lie that's perpetuated by the infomercials that come on in the middle of the night. These infomercials make false promises that if you use their product, you will look like the model that's using it in the commercial. Unfortunately, too many people shell out good money for these pieces of fitness equipment only to find themselves using them as clothing racks because they just can't seem to get the motivation to use them.

Why do they lose this motivation? It's because they don't see the results their expecting fast enough. The infomercial, or whatever advertisement they responded to, promised that they'd look like the model they saw using the piece of fitness equipment in twelve weeks, or some similar time frame. While this can happen for people with great genes, people who eat perfectly, and for those who are already slim, for the majority of people who buy these pieces of fitness equipment, these claims are just plain unreachable.

Models Are Models For A Reason

What you have to realize, is that these models that you see advertising these pieces of fitness equipment already look like that before they are filmed in the commercial. Chances are, they didn't get to look the way they do by using that particular piece of fitness equipment. They just have the right body to help sell it. And, from the money spent each year on similar pieces of fitness equipment, they do pretty well.

Keep It Simple

The truth is, you don't need fancy equipment to get fit. You can fill old milk jugs up with sand or water and use them as dumbbells. Or, you can get an exercise ball, the ones they use in yoga, and you can use it as a bench for presses and other chest exercises. Or, you can just do pushups. When it comes to fitness, pretty much anything you do is better than nothing. So, keep it simple, keep your money in your wallet and get fit using things around your house, things you don't have to buy. You can reach your goals. You don't need to spend all your money in order to do so.