The Benefits of the Fitness Ball

Exercising is the key to getting your ideal weight and maintaining it however, it is at times hard to get all the right exercise when you don't have the right equipment at home and going to the gym even three times a week is not always as feasible as it seems when we first plan out the exercise schedules. Here is how you can get a whole body workout by using a fitness ball in the comfort of your home whenever you have the time.

Whole Body Workout with the Fitness Ball

The best exercise on the fitness ball is lying on your back on the, with your torso hanging out and balancing yourself with your feet on the ground; place your hands behind your head and lift your upper body about 45 degrees. This workout strengthens your abs, torso and legs without hurting your back because of the flexibility the fitness ball offers.

The fitness ball comes in different sizes depending on the purposes you have in mind but, mostly it is used for the exercise described above and also for stretching your body before and after the an exercise routine without hurting your spinal cord. Fitness ball strengthens the core because that is the center of your body and is the part most accessed when exercising; Pilates and yoga use the fitness ball to incorporate their exercises and achieve fast, visible results.

Other Usage for the Fitness Ball

When you don't use your fitness ball for exercising you can use it as a chair and it will ensure you sit aligning your spinal cord correctly thus, providing you yet another type of exercising even when you are not exercising. The workout ball can also be used in traditional aerobics class to work out your upper body; in order to find additional exercises for your fitness ball by looking up the exercise DVDs found online or in the department stores.

Helpful Tip

When exercising with the fitness ball you will need a mat and comfortable clothes in order to be flexible especially if you are practicing yoga or Pilates. Make exercising fun and you will loose weight faster as well as maintain it that way because you will no longer hate your exercise hour but start looking forward to it. The fitness ball can be purchased from all sports stores and some department and drug stores in the fitness and sports aisle; along with it you usually will also receive an exercise guide to help you get started right away.