Sleep Fitness and Health

Nowadays, if you hear talk about the need for good fitness and health, it's usually linked to the growing problem of obesity. But good health and fitness goes beyond just eating right and getting exercise. Proper sleep must be included in any fitness and health program in order to obtain the full health benefits and for a big improvement in quality of life. A good night's sleep is critical for ensuring you're awake enough to make it through the day alert, which adds to safety when driving, increased productivity at work, and leaves you with enough energy to conduct the exercise needed in any fitness and health program. Sleep has also been linked to the learning mechanism; a good night's sleep will help people absorb the things they've learned better. There's several ways to help increase your sleep and use it to enhance your fitness and health program.

Make it Routine

One of the simplest and best things you can do to incorporate sleeping in your fitness and health program is to go to bed at the same time every night. Doing this trains your body to feel sleepy when it should, and instead of tossing and turning in bed once you get there, you'll find yourself falling asleep easier, which in turn leads to more rest each night. It also helps if you can only use your bedroom for sleep, and not for a home office or game room, or so on. If you learn to associate your bedroom with sleep only, then you will fall asleep easier once you're in it.

Watch the Diet

A good night's sleep means watching the way you take in certain food and even when you eat. One big thing to include in your health and fitness plan is to make sure you don't eat for at least an hour before bed. Not only is it harder to sleep if you've got a full stomach, but you're better off digesting while upright and not on your back. In addition to this, a part of many fitness and health programs is the reduction of caffeine in your diet, and it goes without saying that without this stimulant in your system, you'll sleep a lot easier.

Easy on the Exercise

Of course, getting exercise is a good thing in any fitness and health plan, but just as with eating, timing is everything. A good workout makes you feel good, but those good feelings, the rush of endorphins and adrenaline, as well as the burst of energy it often gives, can keep you from getting to sleep easily. The best time to exercise is several hours before bed, so you have time to enjoy that after-workout rush and when it's all over, you'll definitely feel tired. Remember, just as proper sleep affects your ability to follow a fitness and health plan, that plan can have an effect on your sleep patterns as well. But if you follow a good regimen of diet, exercise, and regular sleep, you'll be well on the way to good fitness!