Achieving an Elite Level Fitness at Home

Achieving elite fitness on your own can be very rewarding and cost effective. With a little research, and an investment in some home gym equipment, you can be well on your way to becoming your own personal trainer. There are many good reasons to consider working out at home, like not having enough time to go all the way to a local gym or not wanting to pay the fees associated with joining a gym. Before you get started you will want to identify your elite fitness goals, the equipment (if any) you will need to achieve your goals, and a reasonable workout schedule.

Setting Goals for Yourself

Setting goals for yourself to achieve elite fitness will help keep you motivated. Furthermore, setting both short-term and long-term goals will help you enjoy successes along the way. The first question you should ask yourself before you set any short or long term goals is: What do I want to achieve through gaining an elite level of fitness? Maybe you just want to be in the best shape of your life, or maybe you are an amateur athlete trying to qualify for a specific event, or maybe you are trying to set a personal best record at your next event. Keeping this goal in mind throughout all of your workouts will serve as your mental guide.


Once you've identified your goals, start making a list of all necessary equipment you will need to have at home. Let's say you're a runner trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and you really want to enhance your running with strength training. You've been doing push-ups and sit-ups for years, and now you're ready to really take things to the next level. You've researched some great resistance exercises, and you decide that a free weight machine is the best way for you to safely do these exercises at home. Make sure you really research the best exercises to achieve your goals before you purchase your equipment. If you're not adequately prepared it will be harder to stay motivated, and the right equipment will ensure not only your safety, but also your success in achieving elite fitness status.

Setting Your Schedule

Making your workout schedule fit your life as it is will do wonders for keeping you on track. Figure out a reasonable schedule for yourself that you know you can stick to. Maybe you're evenings are always chaotic with family or work events, in which case you might try planning your workout sessions in the morning before you do anything else. Having set times each week for your workouts will allow you to plan your ramp up to elite fitness with greater detail.