Little Changes the Key to Diet and Fitness

If you're worried because you've noticed that you've put a few more pounds on lately, then you can benefit from a little education on the link between your diet and your fitness. A proper diet can help you to shed a few pounds and give you more energy for other things, including proper exercise. But don't look at improving your diet and fitness as actually going on a diet! In fact, you will see more long-term benefits by making small changes to your eating and drinking habits than trying any of the more popular diets out there. Remember, the key to good diet and fitness is small changes, and just a few will get you looking and feeling better.

Control Your Portions

One of the best changes you can make in your new diet and fitness program is to alter the portions you're eating at your daily meals. Rather than letting yourself get tempted to go back for seconds when you're having dinner, try dishing out your food and putting away the leftovers. Not only will you reduce the amount of food you eat at dinner, but you've got a great lunch to be warmed up at work the next day, and you can skip the fast food run that adds even more calories to your diet each week.

You should also try changing the portions you put on the plate a little, adding more vegetables than meat and grains. This will add more fiber and fewer calories to your diet while still giving you a full plate of food. Changes like that will still help you feel psychologically satisfied by the amount of food you're eating, but will make a big difference in the quality of what you eat. The big thing in changing eating habits is not to deny what you love to eat, which leads to going back to awful eating practices, but to add a little more control over it.

Grab Some Water

Diet and fitness experts all seem to agree that drinking a lot of water is a good thing. You might not like the stuff on its own, but cutting back on coffee, soda, and alcohol and replacing it with water can make a big impact on your diet and fitness program. Don't go all out at first, but try to replace one of your drinks with a glass of water during the day, and try to make little increases from there. Just as with other foods, don't deny yourself that soda, but if you grab a glass of water with it, you can alternate sips of water with your soda, and still enjoy the taste. If you end up grabbing a drink just to have something cold, start keeping a pitcher of water in your fridge. Just as with your food portions, little changes will make you develop good habits, so keep trying, and don't give up. Soon, you'll be practicing great diet and fitness with no effort at all!