Getting Fit at Anytime Fitness!

One reason that people don't get enough exercise is that standard hours just don't fit in with their busy schedules. With picking the kids up from school and dropping them off for sporting events or after-school lessons and extracurricular activities, it can be especially tough for the parents of children. However, with gyms like Anytime Fitness for you to use, you don't have an excuse to let yourself go anymore. You can visit Anytime Fitness online at their website and check them out. Compared to the 24 Hour Fitness website, the Anytime Fitness website is little less useful unfortunately. Membership pricing and information is not listed conveniently along with contact information as it is at its competitor's website (which you can visit at to compare the two).

Day or Night, Give Your Muscles a Workout

Like its competitor, Anytime Fitness also operates 24 hours a day, and it has excellent gym equipment and personal trainers available at most locations. They also seem to be working on the website and have an Anytime Store section under construction. If you visit them online, you can also print out a one-day guest pass for yourself. You can visit the individual franchises' websites from the main Anytime Fitness website and check out a location near you, although you'll have to call for information on memberships and pricing. A really great feature of Anytime Fitness though, is their membership reciprocity program.

With this feature, you automatically have access to any of their clubs at any location within 30 days of activating your membership! If you take a vacation in California, Florida, or wherever else they have facilities, you'll be able to work out at any of there facilities even if you're not at your home location. However, the site states that tanning can only be done at your home club (not a major issue for most people in all likelihood). Other online features include Anytime Fitness' Anytime Nutrition section, which will undoubtedly provide tips and information on dieting and nutrition once it's up.

Overall, Anytime Fitness is a great option for someone who needs to squeeze a workout in at odd hours. With good equipment, modern facilities, and even tanning, you should check Anytime Fitness out. After all, you can print out a free pass and check them out at no cost to you, so give them a try and hit the gym!