Online and Offline with 24hr Fitness

If you're looking for advice on nutrition and workouts then try visiting the 24hr Fitness Center website at, and consider joining a local 24hr Fitness Center near you. It's a lot easier to get started exercising and getting fit if you have some help, and this may be the right option for you. Make your New Year's weight-loss resolution come true this year! Fad diets never work in the end, and trying one of the many ridiculous ideas such as the cabbage soup diet will never, ever work in the long term. Something like that is not sustainable, and if you start yo-yo dieting, you'll probably just end up putting on more weight in the end! The body's metabolism is set up to keep you at your normal, i.e., current weight and resists any changes.

Slow and Steady Weight Loss Is the Key

If you suddenly lose a lot of weight on a fad diet, your body fights against that loss and tries to put the pounds back on. The best approach to losing weight is slowly and steadily, and by making changes to your diet and exercise routines that you can actually make a part of your daily life. You can start on that path by joining a gym such as 24hr Fitness. 24hr Fitness Centers are located all over the country and have reasonable membership costs, and you can visit them online at before you go offline and start working out at the gym. At the online website for 24hr Fitness, you can find a location near you by entering your zip code and take a look at the amenities available at different facilities in your area. You can also sign up for 90-day passes or other options to give them a trial run before deciding on a membership.

Some facilities have a lot more amenities than others, so you might want to take that into consideration. For example, out of all the centers on the island of Oahu, the Honolulu location has the best amenities, which include a juice bar, sauna, massage, basketball courts, etc. The site also lists prices for memberships at each location, and they all seem to be around $41.99 regardless of the amenities (or lack thereof). You may want to take that into consideration and choose a center slightly more out of the way if you want all the extras. Of course, as you might expect with a name like 24hr Fitness Center, the gyms are open 24 hours a day. With great amenities, easy access, and the ability to work out anytime, you don't have an excuse for not hitting the gym. Visit a 24hr Fitness Center today and start getting healthy!