Siemens Fire Alarm: The Siemens MXL Fire Alarm System

The Siemens MXL fire alarm system is able to monitor more than seven hundred input devices that include smoke as well as heat detectors, manual pull stations and sprinkler system pressure, as also flow and tamper switches. This fire alarm system is also capable of operating many bells, visual warning devices and sprinkler system solenoid valves plus smoke control fans.

Direct Reporting Of Fire Status

This Siemens fire alarm system is a complete fire hazard alarm system that is monitored by a Europlex 3008 transponder that can directly report the fire status to the A.D.T. Monitoring Centre. There are different responses that this Siemens fire alarm system would output in the event of alarms, trouble or a supervisory condition arising. It is an addressable, single stage system that is controlled through twelve MXL Control Panels that are located strategically throughout the concerned site and all the panels will stay locked excepting the one in the Main Control Room.

When a fire is detected, this Siemens fire alarm system will among other actions, flash an ALARM LED as well as the Audible Silence LED. An internal buzzer will also sound and the address as well as message for the device where the fire is occurring will also be displayed. This makes it a very versatile and useful fire alarm system.

Also, the entire site may be monitored by a Siemens Building Technologies MXL Graphics System that may be located in the Main Control Room, and it will display all conditions of all systems that also include the floor plan of all areas. When a fire occurs, it will be able to print out an area floor-plan where the device that is sounding the alarm is contained, and this should help localize the source of the fire within the site.

There is also the TROUBLE condition in which case the Siemens fire alarm will flash the TROUBLE LED, along with an internal buzzer sounding off. The address as well as message for the device in TROUBLE will be shown and the fire alarm panel will also transmit a TROUBLE signal to the A.D.T. Monitoring Centre that in turn will call the Main Control Room, and thus act on this condition in a prompt manner.

There may also be a Supervisory condition in which case the Supervisory LED will flash along with the internal buzzer sounding off. As with Fire and Trouble conditions, the address of the device sounding the Supervisory condition will be shown and a Trouble signal will be sent to the A.D.T. Monitoring Centre for being further transmitted to the Main Control Room. It makes the Siemens fire alarm system very effective in case of any fire and fire-related conditions arising.