The Importance of Fire Alarm Sounds

When you were a child, no doubt you remember fire alarm sounds from when you were in a classroom. Perhaps the first time you heard a fire alarm sound you were startled by it, and that is the point, because fire alarm sounds are necessary to quickly alert you in case a fire happens.

About Fire Alarm Sounds

There are a variety of different fire alarms, so naturally there are a lot of different fire alarm sounds. These sounds might vary according to the kinds of alarms that are installed in a place, whether it is public or private.

For example, in schools, fire alarms often look like the speakerphones of a stereo. They are red in color, and the fire alarm sounds that come from those kinds of alarms are among the loudest, a monotone roar that will continue unabated until the alarm is turned off.

In larger areas such as shopping malls, where there are a lot of people, the kind of fire alarm that is in a school is not good for a shopping mall, because the loud fire alarm sound that is easily heard in the enclosed space of a classroom, is not as easily heard in the large areas of a shopping mall, since the sound is muffled by the echoes of shoppers and other noises in the atmosphere.

Thus, the most common kind of fire alarm that is found in a shopping mall is one that does not have an immediate fire alarm sound. Rather, the fire alarm starts with flashing lights, and because the fire alarms are located in areas where they can easily be seen, the lack of a fire alarm sound is alright in such an instance.

In fact, many people will wonder how a person that is deaf will be able to be alerted by a fire alarm sound. Of course they cannot, and so that is yet another reason why, in places like shopping malls, blinking fire alarms are useful.

When it comes to the different fire alarm sounds that are available, some sounds are more annoying than others. For example, home smoke detectors/fire alarms have a very high-pitched sound, but it is necessary that they be that way, because how else would they get your attention. So, the next time you hear a loud fire alarm sound, don't get annoyed, because that sound is for your own safety.