Commercial Fire Alarm Panel

In every building there is a fire alarm panel. Most customers that go into a store like Walmart will never see the panel. This is because people may panic if there were a false alarm. Another reason is that the fire department will show up at the store. There can be many reasons why a fire alarm panel might give off a false warning. One great thing about modern panels is that they are connected to a central board at the main fire station. If an alarm goes off, the fire department will probably be on the way before the store calls in. In the largest fire stations there is a central hub where a dispatcher works. In fact, with computer technology where it's at today it's almost like the panel is at the fire department.

Commercial fire alarm panels are expensive, but in most states it is mandatory for one to be installed. Gone are the days when other people would run into their homes and phone the fire department with a land line. Technology has made fire fighting much quicker. Normally, quicker response times lead to smaller fires and also may be safer because the fire isn't as intense as it can become.

Understanding A Fire Alarm Panel

If anyone finds themselves working close to the panel, they should become familiar with the panel. If as an employee one is unsure of the panel, ask questions to those who do know about it. There are usually red, yellow and green l.e.d. lights that are all monitoring different Areas of the store. By taking the time to become familiar with the fire alarm panel, one will know what is happening. The fact that one is trained may be an asset because they can work with management in informing those people what is happening according to the fire alarm panel.

One major thing that an employee needs to know is why the colors are red, yellow, and green. A green light means that everything is fine and there isn't anything to worry about. The yellow light is a caution light that is telling someone that things are turning bad. A caution means that there is potential for injury. A red light is telling the employee that there is an actual emergency. Red color stands for a warning situation. A warning means that there is a situation that can kill or critically wound someone.