Edwards Fire Alarms - One Among So Many Quality Products Of GE

Fire alarms make for a very important device in today's scenario. There are sufficient cases of disasters that could have been prevented had there been an adequate early warning system by which both human life and material loss could be minimized, if not totally avoided. One among the leaders in the manufacturing fire alarms is the Edwards Signaling and Security Systems. The GE has taken over this company in 2005; however, a good number of its products are still marketed under the same name owing to the immense popularity it still enjoys.

The Edwards Fire Alarms

The Edwards fire alarms have been the results of a good deal of research and development, following the pioneering efforts in manufacturing outstanding design and installation of exceptionally quality fire alarm signaling devices/ systems for about 15 decades now. Owing to its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the Edwards fire alarms are still beating their competition hands down. So much so, that even after GE took over the company, it still marketed the Edwards fire alarms under the same pattern and name.

There are a number of other products that the Edwards Signaling and Security Systems have been proud of; these are briefly named and described hereunder:

1. Visual signals - Like the Edwards fire alarms, the Edwards visual signals are based on the assumption that where there is a need, there should be an adequate signal. Hence, Edwards provides a one-source solution to this aspect without compromising in any way on the excellent quality.

2. Audible signals - the products under this category cover a wide cornucopia of models starting from vibrating to buzzers that can be set/ programmed to sound in a certain specific tune indicating immediate intervention/ attention from the listener.

3. Text messaging - the products manufactured by Edwards have been designed and equipped to handle the most sensitive and/or critical applications both at commercial and industrial levels.

4. Clocks and timers - look around you for a clock; chances are that you are looking at an Edwards's clock. The company manufactures the widest range of clocks, i.e. LCD clocks, analog ones as well as LED with one or double face which can withstand the worst weather.

5. Hospital signaling devices - under this heading Edwards manufactures and markets a number of simple yet highly efficient audio-visual signaling devices, such as strobes, horns, lamps, etc. These can be operated both by hand and/or feet; for special cases for bed-ridden patients, you can get signaling devices that can be activated by clamps attached to the pillow.