Edwards Fire Alarm System: One Of The Best In The Market

Buying a fire alarm system and fixing it is not enough, you need to get a good and reliable one too. An important thing about fire alarm systems is that they should always comply with the universal or state fire codes, which lay down regulations on how should an efficient fire alarm system be. One of the most trusted and reliable in the market is the Edwards fire alarm system.

Some things are made to last. One of the best examples is the Edwards fire alarm system. Each and every system which comes out of the factory is made to last at least 5 years, up to the expectancy of the customers. We've seen in many commercial and corporate buildings very old fire alarm systems, which were probably installed when the building was opened.

"How do these products and systems last so long?" we might be asking this question. There's only one answer to that; a very good maker compliant to all the rules and regulations of making sure his products is up to the standard.

Reliable Systems And Devices

One obvious thing is that the Edwards fire alarm system definitely follows the NFPA 72's requirements and standards. The Edwards fire alarm system comprises of fire alarm panels, initiating devices, the notification appliances, accessories, stand alone detectors, and many more. Some of the most famous Edwards fire alarm system devices besides the main alarm unit would be the Remote Booster Power, FireShield Fire Alarm Control Panel, GenesisĀ® Horns, Signal Master Synchronization Module, Genesis Ceiling Speaker, Genesis Ceiling Speaker / StrobesField, SuperDuct Duct Photoelectric type Smoke Detector, and many more.

These devices and gadgets are part of the central control system for detecting, reporting and acting on fires in your house. It is thus very important that they are recognized to comply with the safety, security, efficiency, and reliability regulations and codes.

Besides these, another Edwards fire alarm system unit which is known for its efficiency is the fire alarm control unit, or the FACP. This is basically the brain behind the above processes, which is why it needs to be very reliable. Something notable among Edwards fire alarm system control units is their Edwards EST 3 addressable FACP, which is one of the best addressable fire alarm panels known. It is also a known fact that, addressable panels are much better than their conventional counterparts, with a higher degree of programming flexibility and single point detection. In this case, the Edwards fire alarm system control panel is extremely good in handling the single point detections.