Weight Loss Low Fat Cooking Can Taste Good

There used to be a saying that claimed no salt, no fat and no taste but that is not necessarily the truth these days. The popular thinking today is that trans fatty acids are the culprit and are responsible for all that is wrong in the weight world. Weight loss low fat cooking can taste good provided you use the right ingredients.

The right ingredients may include the ones called for in a recipe, just using less of them or possibly substituting them with other ingredients that can serve the same purpose. The United States Dairy Association recommends reducing the amount of salt, fat and sugar in our food. Many recipes for weight loss low fat cooking can be prepared using less of each or in some cases finding a suitable substitute that will not detract from the original taste.

For example, to reduce salt intake if the recipe calls for a half teaspoon of salt, use one quarter of a teaspoon or omit it all together. However, if a recipe uses yeast, you may have to leave it in, but the best way to reduce salt intake is to leave the saltshaker off the table. When using canned vegetables in weight loss low fat cooking, use the salt-free kind or rinse then when they come out of the can. Replace salt with spices or herbs as many seasonings contain a high level of sodium, which is listed on the label of ingredients.

Reduce Intake Of Oils And Sugars

Processed sugar takes longer to absorb in to body than raw sugar, reduce the amount of sugar in baking recipes by about one-third. To give the impression of sweetness cinnamon, vanilla or almond extract can be used. In many weight loss low fat cooking recipes, sucralose can be used instead of sugar and adding a half-teaspoon of baking soda for each cup used will maintain the sugary consistency.

To reduce oil you can substitute half the butter, oil or shortening with applesauce or prune puree. The baking time also have to be reduced by as much as one-fourth. When weight loss low fat cooking recipes call for using tuna, pick the ones packed in water or in lite oil and use low fat milk, low fat cream cheese and two egg whites for every egg called for in the recipe. These simple substitutions can help reduce the intake of these items without leaving the flavor on the counter.