Can You Really Use Green Tea For Fat Loss Effectively?

Well it seems that the answer is a definite 'YES'. There are many things that the green tea is famous for and one of these things is that it revs up the metabolism and thereby burning the fat effectively from the body. Actually, studies have confirmed that the green tea promotes and stimulates thermogenesis.

How Can Green Tea Be Used For Fat Loss?

The studies conducted have shown that regular use of green tea can increase the metabolism rate by almost four percent. This is a significant help when you are already into a fat loss program. The green tea use for fat loss is extremely limited when used in isolation. The four percent increase in the metabolism becomes an asset only when it is attached to a regular regime of fat loss whereby the results are enhanced by its use.

The plus point of using green tea for fat loss does not stop here. First of all, you are getting this four percent increase for nothing. You could sit on your couch sipping tea and watching TV the whole day and still burn an average of 80 calories per day (taking into count that a regular calorie intake is about 2000 calories per day) only by consuming one cup of green tea. This is just great.

While it is obvious that one cannot exclusively use green tea for fat loss, this can make an excellent booster of any type fat loss program, since it can add to the weight loss. Besides, the green tea has a host of other benefits that can be added to the benefits you already draw from your fat loss program.

Even if you do not use green tea for fat loss, you can still drink it for its calming effect on the body. The green tea is famous for so many exceptional properties it has among which its anti-oxidant qualities deserve special mention.

Hence, you could really use green tea for fat loss; considering that a good fat loss program will involve three main aspects, (i) weight training plan, (ii) proper nutrition, and (iii) high intensity cardio program. When all the ingredients are right and in place, then the green tea can be an excellent supplement for fat loss.

Taking into consideration that a good majority of the weight and fat loss programs do not even work, the use and impact of green tea can be commendable as it has a host of other healthy benefits.