Some Myths And Facts About Fat Loss Exercise Programs

Overweight and obesity is becoming a burning issue all over the globe, so much so that the World Health Organization (WHO, 2004, Australia) almost declared it a "global epidemic". Since it is becoming a great concern, it is a good time to look at some common beliefs, myths and the facts. This could be used as a guide to those who need it.

Five Most Common Myths And Their Translation

Fat Loss Exercise Programs Myth No 1 - In order to get the best out of your weight loss program, you would need to take your cardio the first thing in the morning.

Fact - There is no hard and fast rule that the cardio has to be the first exercise, or that it has to be done in the morning. Once upon a time exercise was meant to be done in the morning (at dawn) because it was felt that this was the best time for the body to exercise. However, today, when science has accepted the fact that different people have different peak times, you could choose the time that suits you best.

Fat Loss Exercise Programs Myth No 2 - Unless the cardio is done for 20 minutes there will no be no fat loss

Fact - The loss of fat happens gradually and concurrent to the exercise that the body is put through. The body will definitely not be programmed to wait till exactly 20 minutes have passed, and then start loosing fat. Even as you think about it, it does sound a bit ridiculous.

Fat Loss Exercise Programs Myth No 3 - Your cardio is not successful unless it is done in the 'fat burning zone'.

Fact - This myth might be one of the greatest of all time. There is no such thing as having to be in the 'fat burning zone' in order to melt your fat. The weight loss depends on a lot of factors, and one would still loose weight most comfortably even if they do not enter the 'fat burning zone' on the cardio.

Fat Loss Exercise Programs Myth No 4 - This one is a very recent addition to the myth list, but once which has caught the fancy of many. It says that you could loose (burn) fat simply by drinking some 8-12 ice cold water.

Fact - I see that as an invitation to a terrible sore throat and subsequent cold. Yes, drinking water helps (promotes) weight loss indirectly since it fills up the stomach (and allows less food intake). It is true that you need some 8-12 glasses of water every day to stay in the pink on your health because the body needs water to function well. However, it does not matter at what temperature you are drinking the water.

Fat Loss Exercise Programs Myth No 5 - Negative calorie food are the best when you are on diet.

Fact -Logically speaking, if you could subtract calories from the food you are eating you would come at a point when you reach at zero. Does that mean that when you consume negative calorie food, you are not eating at all? This was an expression meant to symbolize the fact that the body takes longer to digest some food. That is all.